Our suppliers

We have chosen the leading world-wide recognized manufacturers, speciliazed in the field of OE, OEM and aftermarket filtration media production who ensure high quality, range development and new technology implementation. Thanks to our purchase capacities this is us who decide about highest quality requirements of all our products.


We guarantee

High quality products range confirmed with ISO TS16949 certificate. Moreover we conduct regular and independent production lines check-ups to ensure integrated quality.


We cut costs

Wherever costs are unnecessary but never on quality. We analyze carefully all possible costs increase sources to avoid or reduce them. Our new central warehouse ensure packaging and logistic cost reductions.


We deliver

Exactly what we are sure about: high quality products. We are committed to deliver best price/quality ratio, fast order handling, professional packaging, flexible market approach, user-friendly B2B online system, fast implementation of new items and many more…


We are proud

Of our products. They are manufactured in co-operation with leading automotive partners. We add our personal commitment to surpass our competition and our customers` expactations.


We promise

We  will always follow our principle: the best possible quality for the lowest possible price.