David Vasco is a private, Polish company founded in 2003 specialized in distribution of high quality automotive parts. We are exclusive owner of 3 registered (trademarks) brands: VASCO FILTERS, FLUXAR and PEXA.
VASCO FILTERS are produced according to car makers` requirements as well as ISO TS16949 certificate, that is why the quality matches all brands producing for original equipment market (OEM).
VASCO FILTERS are produced in several filter factories, eg.: in Italy, Germany, China and Slovakia upon long term and direct production contracts with David Vasco. These factories are carefully selected spare-parts producers with strong and reliable position in European and world-wide automotive market.
The base of VASCO FILTERS strategy is to ensure that all customers always get high quality products, produced using best raw materials and components according to original equipment requirements. That is why VASCO FILTERS price can not be compared directly with the cheapest filters available on today`s market.
We are specialized in filtration for passenger and light commercial vehicles. Currently, having in our range more than 1100 references, we cover almost 90% of the European car park.
We do not supply chain distributors neither multinationals. For David Vasco it is the most important to supply local distributors who emphasize their independence and willing to strengthen their competitiveness against chain distribution organizations.
The product catalogues are available on electronic CD and on the websites: or
VASCO FILTERS price strategy gives freedom to our customers to adjust their prices according to the local markets situation. This is the reason we do not have retail pricelist.
Our main strengths are: high quality products, serenity and safe use of our products, more than 95% reference availability on our stock, wide range, reliable distribution strategy, professional customer service, no mistakes in order completing, on-time delivery, technologically developed order handling system (QR codes, on-line system, our own messenger device for communications).
We are specialized in filtration for passenger and light commercial vehicles. You can find more than 1100 oil, air, fuel and cabin references in VASCO FILTERS` range.FLUXAR line consists of 16 most popular spin-on oil filters.PEXA range represents full offer of universal wipers, sets with adaptors as well as dedicated wipers for the newest car applications.
We guarantee at least 95% availability of our products in the central stock in Poland.
Our customers can profit from our on-line catalogues (with applications, cross reference and real photos data bases), on-line order placing system, "David Vasco Messenger" created by ourselves for better and direct communications with our sales office, QR codes system, on-line mounting instructions films, newsletters system with technical and commercial information and many more...
We support our customers with promotions (periodically for each product line) as well as all-year long special offers (HIT OF THE WEEK, VASCO MAXI PACK etc). We offer advertising materials, wiper displays, banners and many more. But, what is most important, we are open for individual proposals of our partners who know the best what they really need to promote David Vasco products.
Orders can be placed via telephone, fax, e-mail, on-line as well as using ,,David Vasco Messenger".
Orange color is our trademark. We want to make our products different and we want that our orange color always associates with highest quality products.
VASCO FILTERS are available through our distribution net in 19 countries, they are distributed by independent partners upon individual agreements with us. Some of our customers sell on-line as well.
According to EU Commission Regulation No 461/2010 of 27 May 2010 on the application of Article 101(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union all customers within car manufacturer`s warranty period are entitled to use not only OE replacement parts. Use of other parts (not OE) as well as servicing outside the OE car shop net can not be the reason of loosing the car manufacturer`s warranty.
We guarantee perfect fitting of the filters if properly selected from our catalogue. Additionally customers may find real photos, dimensions and cross reference lists in our on-line catalogue.
Fast development of our advanced on-line system as well as introducing of our private ,,David Vasco Messenger" enable our customers fast and direct communications with our sales team and on-line order placement, that is why we decided to quit Tecdoc.
Each VASCO FILTERS reference consists of one letter and 3 digits (eg. A000), the head letter indicates the filter type as follows: V - oil filterA - air filterS - fuel filterC - diesel fuel filterO - standard cabin filterX - activated carbon cabin filter
Please refer to national claim regulations. In general terms the claim should be reported to the seller. The claimed filter should be delivered with claim report.


Oil filter should be replaced according to car maker instructions, we recommend oil filter exchange always with each oil change.
Air filter should be replaced according to car maker instructions, we recommend air filter exchange at least every 2 years or 15 000 km.
Cabin filter should be replaced according to car maker instructions, we recommend cabin filter exchange at least once a year. In case of alergic diseases or driving in highly polluted environment even more often.
Fuel filter should be replaced according to car maker instructions. We recommend fuel filter exchange according to mileage and fuel quality. In case of diesel fuel filters we recommend exchange before winter season.
Over-pressurisation is caused by faulty flow gasket or inappropriate work of oil pump.
All cabin filters boxes are equipped with individual mounting instructions (graphics) and QR codes with links to on-line fitting instruction manuals. Thanks to this customers may change the filters themselves.
Most pressurized lubrication systems incorporate an overpressure relief valve to allow oil to bypass the filter if its flow restriction is excessive, to protect the engine from oil starvation. Filter bypass may occur if the filter is clogged or the oil is thickened by cold weather. The overpressure relief valve is frequently incorporated into the oil filter. Filters mounted such that oil tends to drain from them usually incorporate an anti-drainback valve to hold oil in the filter after the engine (or other lubrication system) is shut down. This is done to avoid a delay in oil pressure buildup once the system is restarted; without an anti-drainback valve, pressurized oil would have to fill the filter before travelling onward to the engine's working parts. This situation can cause premature wear of moving parts due to initial lack of oil.
Tests, according to filter type, are held both during the production process (eg.: leak tests) and in the factory laboratory (tests of chosen samples from each production batch). The final tests are done in our warehouse upon arrival from a factory. We check packaging, dimensions and general quality conditions.
Please refer to the link: to fit an air filter? Please refer to the link: How to fit an fuel filter? Please refer to the link:
Cabin filter installation can be done easily using our replacement instructions manual presented on each filter box or using QR codes that link the end-user to our on-line installation manual film. Also we recommend to exchange cabin filters in professional work shops that ensure proper installation.
Our filters are produced using the paper from leading filter paper producers and according to ISO TS19649 certificate. The high quality paper as well as the quantity of the paper guarantee best performance and long life of the engine.
There are 2 most probable reasons of the oil leak:1) improper fitting of the filter - the filter exchange should be done in professional workshops or, if fitted individually, follow the instructions of car manufacturer;2) improper filter for the make of car and engine version - please refer to our catalogue to be sure that your filter is correctly selected;
The arrows indicate the direction of air flow through the filter. Cabin filter should be fitted according to the directions shown by the arrows to ensure best filtration features.

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