VASCO - Air filters


Advantages of our filters



Regularity of the folds of the filter medium.

Filtration medium

High quality filtration medium.

Sealing material

High quality sealing material.


Adhesive joints to ensure stability.


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FILTERS offers more than 500 references of air filters, both cylindrical and panel. Filter material used nowadays is in the majority filter paper based on cellulose fibers impregnated with phenolic, epoxy or acrylic. Impregnation of cellulose fibers is intended to protect against water, oils and fuels vapors. In modern materials often admixtures of synthetic fibers to improve filtration efficiency and the absorption capacity of impurities are used.

The main purpose of the air filter is retaining particulates such as mineral dust, soot and organic remainings, floating in the air sucked in by the engine. Progress in the construction of filters and filter materials make currently produced air filters reach filtration efficiency of 99.9% for particles with sizes of a few micrometers.

The fact that modern car engines consume great amount of air (approx. 10m3 air per 1 liter of fuel) filters with such a high filtration efficiency have to have low flow resistance and a high absorption of impurities. Due to these features it is possible to extend periods between replacement of the filters.