BREYKO - Brake pads



Anti-squel shim

Anti-rust components

Anti-rust sand-blasted and powder-coated back plate


Precise chamfering of friction lining


High heat resistance

Additional silencing

Additional 3M silencing layer


brake pads

Brake pads Breyko is the newest product line of David Vasco. The offer consists of two series:

BREYKO Z - standard

BREYKO Q - with additional accessories and a special glue layer, which effectively eliminates noises

All applications have European homologation ECE R90, which not only allows for their use in the European Union, but also confirms the high quality and reliability.

Designed to the highest quality standards, BREYKO brake pads ensure maximum braking performance, excellent control of the vehicle and the comfort of the driver and passengers. Our goal is to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction by maintaining high-quality materials, advanced production technology and fast delivery.

BREYKO products are made of high-quality chamfering of friction lining. Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures it eliminates the fading effect, e.g. loss of braking efficiency due to overheating of the abrasive.

Anti-squel shim not only eliminates noises, but also effectively prevents the formation of rust due to its sand-blasted and powder-coated.

All these factors classify brake pads BREYKO between the best available solutions on the market, and the attractive price makes them affordable for the vast majority of road users.

BREYKO line conforms with the OEM quality, and thanks to the production of materials harmless to the environment – they are also environmentally friendly.

Check ECE R90 homologation details